Facing issues in creating the cloudflare runnel

I am stuck at setting up the ingress rules in the config.yml file. Just to give to more context…I am trying to secure our Cloudfront URL hosted using S3 bucket and the DNS is managed by Cloudflare itself. I am not sure what to put in the service field for this case.

Here is my config.yml file:

credentials-file: /home/vk65/.cloudflared/.json
enabled: true

  • hostname: abc.example.com(Alternative domain name for Cloudfront URL)
    service: ???( Actual Cloudfront URL?)

I am getting an error when validating without service

Validation failed: is an invalid address, please make sure it has a scheme and a hostname

Service can be HTTP, or SSH, or some other (could depend on the Cloudflare Plan you are using).

For example:

service: https://localhost:443

I am not familiar if Cloudflared tunnel can be used for Cloudfront :thinking:

I was told by Cloudflare support team to create the tunnel for this purpose.
This is the reference link : Cloudflare teams