Facing Issue in SSL Origin Server

We have create our website in Zoho site, there we are facing issue in uploading our Cloudflare own origin certificate.

So we have checked with Zoho support, they have replied back to us to check with Cloudflare

It seems the intermediate certificate is a self signed certificate, we wouldn’t install that certificate in our server. Kindly check with Cloudflare if they can provide a valid certificate.

SSL/TLL => Origin Server => Create Certificate

Oh sorry for not reading the question carefully.
Give your Cloudflare certificate to their customer care, they know everything on your account anyway so you shouldn’t have to worry about key leaks.

Thank you, will check with them

They are asking the certificate from Cloudflare without an self signed certificate, they are saying they won’t install the self signed certificate into there server.

Then generate a certificate with something like Let’s Encrypt.

Cloudflare does not provide publicly trusted certificates for origins, only edge certificates.

User <edge cert> Cloudflare <origin cert> Origin

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