Facing issue in page rules

Hello sir/ma’am

I need your help that when I trying to configure page rules but it is not working for me. I have tried with the below URL but still not working for me. can you please help me regarding the same.

Hi @user8176,

What are you tryinng to achieve and what is not working?

Please share the domain and a screenshot of the rule you added.


Please find the snapshot of the rule below and I’m also sharing with you both the URL’s which need to exclude

With just a slash at the end, your site redirects to no slash at the end, so I’m not sure that Page Rule will do anything.

You also didn’t answer this:


I’m trying to implement DDOS security from Cloudflare but when implemented my app does not work so I need to exclude those from DDOS security that’s why I have set up page rules for the same. so please help me on the same.


I don’t think Server Side Excludes is what you’re looking for:

Automatically hide specific content from disreputable visitors.

Do you see any Firewall Events in the Firewall section? Those should indicate which feature is blocking your API traffic.

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