Facing High DDOS, need help

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Hello, im new on this forum and my website is facing HIGH DDOS ATTACK, i need help with it. ive received around 4mil visits from 5600 ips in last 24hrs. Please help me, its using all my resources and costing me lots of money…
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will enabling captcha help?

It usually does. It’s inconvenient for users, but it may be required to protect your server.

so i basically setup two rules, if any visitor is in india, they need captcha and other rule if any visitor is outside india, they need captcha. i think these should cover all parts of world without issues?

Hello everyone,
i was facing a ddos problem and i enabled this rule “50 requests per 1 minute, Block for 1 hour” and now im facing less ddos. but my question is, will it be possible for me to increase block period from 1hr to lets say 1week? if yes how? because i cannot see options.

PLEASE help me, i need help desperately.

You can do it with just one rule is you want to CAPTCHA everybody. Just if IP address is NOT your home IP address, then CAPTCHA them.

You might consider dropping that to less than 50 per minute to reduce the load on your server. And when that hour is up and they come back, they’re blocked again. The way DDoS attacks cycle through IP addresses, 1 hour might be enough, and then they’ve disposed of that IP address.

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