Facing Errors While Checking Web


Hello sir,
i am facing issues while checking my website through https://checkforcloudflare.selesti.com

i asked to my hosting providers as they have setup that for my website. they said that everything is setup correctly at their end

****https://www.techacrobat.com is NOT using Cloudflare DNS

• CNAME configurations mean the DNS is not hosted by Cloudflare, but they can still use their proxy/caching systems for subdomains*****

**** www. techacrobat .com is NOT using Cloudflare SSL*****

can you please help me in fixing these issues?


You appear to be on some kind of partner setup, you are using your host’s DNS, not Cloudflare’s. If you need help with your setup, I would recommend you contact your host.


yes i am using Siteground hosting and they setup it. and asked me to go to cloudflare support when i discussed the matter.

Actually i have set NON-WWW version as my website’s main version in Google search console and same rule i have defined in my htaccess file as if website is accessed with WWW version then redirect to NON-WWW version. And their support staff said that the NON-WWW version is not allowed in cloudflare? now i am too much confused in these www/nonwww version

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