Facing 522, 525, 520 and 521 errors


I read the other similar topics and whatever setting like allowing traffic from Cloudflare and firewall blocks and all those are already configured properly but I still see these errors frequently in our site. I use cloud66 and they have a default setting not to block traffic from Cloudflare. I had a 522 error last night and that happened in few regions. I read the help topic and there it was mentioned as the “server overloaded” cloud be one case but if that is the case then it should be to all regions, right?

The other case was “firewall or rate limiter” which is also fine as cloud66 had that by default and I also ensured, it is set. The last case was “network routing issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server” which is something I am not able to understand because, if it is the last case, then it should be occurring consistently but this occurs on a random day and we are not sure on what to do and try possibilities and somehow it gets fixed and later it happens again.

Could someone help me understand the issue better so that could save a lot of time for me.

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