Facebook verifying my domain

I am a newbie.
Facebook requires that I verify my domain.I have followed the steps below but after waiting 72 hours as suggested,received a notification that the verification process has failed.Please help. DNS TXT Record

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Login to your domain registrar and visit the DNS records section.
  2. Add this TXT record in your DNS configuration:


  1. Add @ in the Host field (if your domain host requires it)
  2. Wait until your DNS configuration changes have spread across your website’s domain servers (this may take up to 72 hours), then click Verify.
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What’s the domain?

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It certainly looks like there are no TXT records.

Can you:

  1. Confirm that the name servers at the bottom of your DNS page here are Woz and Bingo/
  2. Post a screenshot from that same DNS page of the TXT record you added?

You put ‘facebook’ in the name (host) field instead of ‘@’. It should look like this:

Your ‘google’ entry might have the same problem. And you can probably get rid of that last TXT record for hopefor….com.facebook…

Thank You.I will fix all that and let you know the result

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Success.Thanks so much for your help. :smile:

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this is what I was looking for! thanks :slight_smile:

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