Facebook unable to access our Tos and Privacy pages

For some reason I can’t pinpoint, Cloudflare is not allowing a Facebook bot to access our ToS and Privacy pages. I’ve even tried disabling the firewall completely, to no avail. Have you experienced something similar? Any ideas on how to fix this? Facebook is blocking the use of their login on our site because of this.


May I ask if you are seeing any of the Firewall events when the request is coming from Facebook IP address space, when you navigate to the Security → Overview of your Website inside Cloudflare dashboard? :thinking:

If so, what kind of service does it trigger or can you share with us here any other helpful feedback information like for example, what kind of Security Level are you using (Low, Med, High, I am under an attack), any custom-made Firewall Rules or Page Rules, etc.?

  • Thanks in advance.

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