Facebook, TikTok & Snapchat - Verified Bots?

I have been checking the Verified Bots list: https://radar.cloudflare.com/verified-bots

But I was not able to find Facebook, TikTok & Snapchat bots on that list.

Meaning hits that come from these Crawlers:

Are these 3 Advertising & Marketing Bots added to the Verified Bots list?

P.S. I have the “Bot fight mode” enabled and it is challenging requests from this UA (which shouldn’t): Snap URL Preview Service; bot; snapchat; Robots

@jnperamo Any idea on this one? I want to make sure that Advertising bots are whitelisted in Cloudflare.

I suspect they are; those bots definitely have the capacity/popularity to be a verified bot.
Normally those platforms have some way of letting you know if there is something up with your site.

If for any reason the bots are getting challenged; you should reach out to the vendors so that they can become a verified bot (AFAIK Cloudflare doesn’t actively look after verified bots; the platform/vendor should establish contact with CF).

UA is generally not enough to bypass the challenge, doing so would pose a major security issue.
Its very likely the bots aren’t being challenged but those requests that try to mimic them are.

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These requests I believe are legit, from Snapchat preview service, but they are still getting blocked:

UA: Snap URL Preview Service; bot; snapchat; https://developers.snap.com/robots
ASN: AS16509 AMAZON-02
Country: IE
HTTP Version: HTTP/1.1

Can someone from the Firewall team take a look at this?

Snapchat would have to contact CF to whitelist their bot from other protections.

From the information they provide on that page, there is no way to filter their bot without adding a major security risk to your site (those spoofing the UA could bypass the entire security stack).

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