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Good afternoon,

It’s been a few weeks already that some OpenGraph Images don’t show when sharing a Page on Facebook. I understand that there’s a plethora of topic about it, but of the many I read, the consensus is that I should disable Hotlink.

Well, Hotlink is disabled and, even if it was enabled, I believe that it should block all thumbnails requested not just a handful of them.

I’ve also found that images should be light. All my images are manually compressed in WebP and, except for animated GIFs, hardly have more than 100KB.

I’ve also read that it could be a Firewall issue and, in fact, in the past few days I did have some blocked entries, but I didn’t know from where they could be coming from.

Today, a few minutes ago in fact, I’ve stumbled a (quite hard to comprehend) topic about firewall rules. After some research, I’ve created one set to ALLOW as:

(cf.client.bot and ip.geoip.asnum eq 32934) or (ip.geoip.asnum eq 63293)

But when testing URLs, thumbnails are still not showing on some Pages.

Currently, I’m still on a Free Plan, so fancy things like super Bot Fight Mode, IMHO, won’t apply.

What else…

Diagnostic Center reports OK on all tests, Facebook Sharing Debugger DOES find the og:image, I did try the Batch Invalidator a couple of times and the site is static, “hosted” on GitHub Pages, so there’s no server-side language that could be messing with anything.

Last, but not least, a thumbnail example:


Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful weekend :slight_smile:

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