Facebook redirecting post to homepage

I am having problem with sharing on my webiste.

When I share using facebook, the post/article default to homepage.

I have used twitter card validator and facebook debugger.


This is not being redirected by Cloudflare, but by a plugin at your website installation, as you can see if you visit the URL with Chrome’s DevTools open (F12):

Thanks for the swift response. The settings on the plugging has always been the same and works well with cloudflare. until recently I moved package with my site host. I removed the site and re-added it back to cloudflare still the same issue.
I ahve also remove the redirection in your pic above, still the same.

As the screenshot I’ve sent you shows, the redirect is not caused by Cloudflare.

If you have eliminated that redirect and it’s still redirecting, you need to flush the cache at your WordPress installation, and origin server to make it stop redirecting.

I went back to my server and replace the name server back to the default. It worked fine. This means the problem is with cloudflare.

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