Facebook Preview Images Blocked

So I ahve searched on this but the topics are not very specific on Facebook.

When links from the cleits WooCOmmerce site are posted to Facebook we get the following error:

“Access denied | sjhardware.com used Cloudflare to restrict access”

We have firewall rules set up to block at the country level, and I saw a few articles on not blocking bots by using the “Knowns Bots”, but it doesn’t specifically address Facebook.
Is add the following going to allow Facebook to get images off the site?

{ip.geoip.country eq “IQ” and not cf.client.bot}

Facebook isn’t in the Known Bots list:

Do you see any entries in the Firewall Events log?

If you turn off that Firewall Rule, does Facebook Preview work?

Do u block missing user agent rule via Cloudflare waf rules?

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