Facebook page snippets show JS-challenge. How to solve?

Hi All, we have the following problem.

  1. a page is protected with JS-challenge for everyone except “known bots”
  2. there is a button on it to “share” it on facebook
  3. once shared, facebook generates a preview of the page, and
  4. it shows “checking your browser” thing instead of the actual contents

how can we make it work, while still having JS challenge on that page?


You could also exclude Facebook’s network in your rule

(not cf.client.bot and ip.geoip.asnum ne 32934)

Just keep in mind, this will allow everyone from within Facebook’s infrastructure access too (e.g. employees).

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thanks, but what is 32934? How could we obtain this number ourselves?

Autonomous System Number

I confirm that it works, thanks. Strangelly, for another social netowork (vk) there was no any problems at all. Probably it’s recognized as a “known bot”.

Surprisingly, Cloudflare’s list of Known Bots does not include Facebook and Twitter. But they say that…

Cloudflare plans to expand its list of known bots in the near future.

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