Facebook links not working - Email from site not working

Issue 1: Links on Facebook pointing to site not working. Users are reciving grey page with ‘Go Back’ or ‘Continue to website’ Neither of these work. Also some are receiving a ‘This site can’t be reached’

There is a txt record in DNS for facebook that works with the hosting DNS but not with Cloudflare DNS.

Issue 2: Email from site fails with Cloudflare DNS. Server port 25 outgoing is open. Emails do work with hosting DNS.

Reset DNS to hosting and taken Cloudflare DNS out resolved the issue, but is counter poroductive as Cloudflare is preferred.

What additional should be done to resolve these issues please. With ‘Black Friday’ upon us I will need to leave hosting DNS in place just to make sales.

Can you leave Cloudflare enabled, and use https://www.mail-tester.com/.

I would suspect your SPF policy is not authorising your server to send email. If you have a policy like v=spf1 a mx -all then the a is allowing your server to send when the domain is :grey:, but does not match once your use the Cloudflare proxy, :orange:.

@user11698 How is facebook related to Cloudflare here

I think the issue is that some records were not set up in the Cloudflare DNS page. I will have a look after the peak off business after this weekend.

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