Facebook error redirecting

I’ve just moved to cloudflare and after fixing the to many redirects I’ve just discovered another problem, problems I never had with godaddy,when I share a link on facebook from my site it is now saying, we are redirecting you this as never happened in the 3 years I’ve had this website until now, and I have been searching everywhere for a fix, any ideas?

Hi there,
We are sorry to hear the issue you are facing with.

Which URL is redirecting to where?
What happens when you disable proxy mode?
We would like to understand where the redirection is coming from.

it’s happening on everything i share a link from my website on, tumble, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and this NEVER happened on Godaddy so I have gone back, seriously why do people naturally think everyone knows how to do everything, newbies like me stare at the screen for 3 hours thinking wtaf!! have I done, I paused Cloudflare, debugged on Facebook debugger and it fixed it on there, it isn’t fixed it on the others so I’ve just cleared my cache on GoDaddy to see if that fixes it, why isn’t transferring from one DNS to another already set up so it doesn’t create problems for newbies like me, seriously??? i pent all day trying to fix it, I fixed the 2 many redirects after finding it posted somewhere else on google so it happens to a lot of people I presume wonder how many people like me just go away and you lose

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