Facebook dont show thumbails at all. Yoast instaled. Worked fine till swich to new theme and Clodflare

Hi guys. Recently i had serious problem on my site. I was on Go daddy so i decide to switch to A2Hosting but after 3 months problem persisted. To much outages and my site was down daily for more than 2h. As sugested by support on A2 i swich my site over Cloudflare but site was still ■■■■. At the end i figure the problem was my wordpress theme so i bought pro theme from MyThemeShop. Site is working flawlessly last few days and with Cloudflare is friking fast but when shared links on social media there is no THUMBNAIL image at all. Its blank grey square and after i scrape new info from Facebook Debugger picture dissapear totaly. I tryied every possible solution. I had problems like this before and Yoast plugin usualy solve everything but not now. Even i i place image of the post i YOAST plugin facebook still dont recognize it. I get this error after i run image link with Debugger

There is 4 day i spent on my PC tying to figure this out. Im also novice in these thing so its even harder. Please help :frowning:

The response shows a 403 (forbidden)
Do you have Hotlink Protection active?

I do have hotlink protection on but i turn it on last night, this problem last for 3 days since i change new theme an switch to Cloudflare. And how can hotlink protection disable images from my own site?

I still didnt fix this paople, plaese help. I just niticed that facebook dont show images even on old posts from 2 years ago. What is going on here. Any post that i shared diirectly dont have images at all. Im desperate :frowning:

I tried different themes but that didnt work, so it has to be something else, or Cloudflare releted or some other problem. Please help me guys :frowning:

Can you open the path in your browser?

Yes Mark, path work normaly and my picture opens in all browsers i tried?

I stiill didnt solve this guys, please help.Im desperate :frowning:
This is error it shows now in facebook debugger:

Provided og:image, https://receptizasve.com/wp-content/uploads/169783_profimedia0214806116_ls.jpg could not be downloaded. This can happen due to several different reasons such as your server using unsupported content-encoding. The crawler accepts deflate and gzip content encodings.

Does Cloudflare use any different encoding or something? I have no idea what to do :frowning:

Hotlink protection checks for the Referrer header. If it’s not your website (hotlinked from another site), or if there is none set (likely how Facebook downloads the image) then CF will prevent the image download.

Me too. Just clicked the link above.
You mentioned that this appeared although Hotlink Protection was inactive. Is it possible that the theme was shipped with something similar?

(standard error in Chrome and not CF branded)

I dont know, i use Point Pro theme from MyThemeWebShop, i couldnt find anything in theme options. I restored to old theme where everything was working but its not working on old one neither. Im totally confused. :frowning:

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