Facebook don't show image from my website

Hi! :slight_smile: When I share pages or post from my website the image is not showing. This is happening after edit some settings in Cloudflare… Any advising…

start from here https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

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Thanks! :slight_smile: I alredy try this tool. I spend more than tree days to reed and tre to fix this problem… This is one of my blogpost https://www.petrovkartini.com/евтини-картини-онлайн

Facebook show evrything but won’t preview the image. I see somewhere in faceboot tools that the url of image give error 403 ==>>https://cdn.petrovkartini.com/uploads/2018/11/Eвтините-картини-онлайн.jpg

I used yaost SEO plugin and never have problem with sharing links in social media and preview image. Since I try some settings in Cloudflare (I can’t remeber wich one) i have this problem ==>>Social media won’t show images from my website… :frowning: I will by very greatfull for any help… :slight_smile:

Check your adblocker or better yet, run In Private / Incognito. Also, run the Browsers developer tools to resolve the Google font issues.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: I try diffrent browsers, computers, smartfones and the problem is stil here. I notice some erorrs in this photo…

when trying to view your blog image I also get 403, I guess you blocked some countries from accessing your site? I believe you need at least to allow US for facebook bots to work

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I get 6 errors and blocked images with adblockers in all browsers and only 3 errors (google fonts) when using In Private mode with no adblockers.

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Thanks.! :slight_smile: How can I fix the problem??? Where I can change this settings? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Do you know how to fix the problem?

The only solution I’ve found to bypass personal adblockers from blocking certain social media icons is to obscure the image names.

These images are blocked by my adblocker.

twitter-icon.png:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
facebook-icon.png:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
youtube-icon.png:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
googleplus-icon.png:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

I would create a copy of these images and obscure the names to something like t1.png, f1.png, y1.png and g1.png. I’d avoid using tw,png, fb.png, yt.png just in case.

Now for the CORS policy violation (fonts), have a look at https://enable-cors.org/ and specifying your CSP instead of relying on the end-users browser from making assumptions. https://scotthelme.co.uk/content-security-policy-an-introduction/ and Scott’s Security Header Analyser https://securityheaders.com/

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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