Facebook Domain Verification


I am trying to verify my domain given the recent changes to facebook, but it is saying that my domain has been verified by another business. I scoured the code on my showit site and nothing. There are no FB metatags anywhere. Please help!

Cannot attach screenshots as a new user

I am afraid this is not related to Cloudflare.

Moreover, if you own a domain, and if the domain is added to your Cloudflare account and pointed to Cloudflare nameservers, have you tried verifying it via adding a TXT record to your domain using Cloudflare DNS dashboard?

  • do you get some error, or? (can be, if recently added and need some time for Facebook to parse that new record and it’s value from new nameservers)

The agency/client can share you the access in case if needed - in case you paid them to promote and/or manage ads for your Website or Facebook page?

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