Facebook debugger

Why doesn’t my site display correctly when sharing to Facebook?

I tried to rescarapped them again and again and it was working perfectly earlier.

here is the output of debugger

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Your debugging output didn’t show up. You may need to escape it with the </> tool in the text editor here.

Can you post a screenshot of how it looks on Facebook?

<meta name="keywords" content="iects,62098,b2000,evaluation,methods,microproceor-,based,instruments,iec,tcsc,65b" />

Maybe I’m missing something obvious. That scrape looks good to me.

Name of book is Reflection of memories

irrespective of the url it shows same og:title and description same for each book

Ok, so the bold text is incorrect.

It could be a minification problem with how Facebook grabs data.

I suggest you visit the Speed settings page at Cloudflare. And experiment with the following:

  1. Turn off the minification options (Javascript, CSS, HTML) It could just be one of them messing things up.
  2. Turn off Rocket Loader and Brotli. Both of those have gone through changes recently, and you said it was working perfectly earlier.

Even if i go to developer mode

It does not change

Did you try the other stuff?

A drastic measure would be to bypass Cloudflare by going to the DNS page and setting the domain to :grey: and see if it starts working.

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