Facebook comments delayed with cache?


Hi All

Strange issue i’m trying to work out here. I’m running a wordpress site with a plugin for Facebook comments on articles (instead of normal wordpress comments).
The issue we’re having is some people cannot see their own comments after posting. Its not a moderation issue, and they should be posting immediately in most cases.

So i’m wondering if its a cache issue on here, and if there is a known way to bypass the cache for specific parts of the site (like only the FB comments)??? Its very specific, yes, and because of the site size we didn’t want to totally turn off the cache if possible…
Its not a specific file or anything we’re needing to bypass, so its a little complicated.

Has anyone had this issue with Facebook comments??


I would assume these comments are served by Facebook, right? If that is the case neither your server nor Cloudflare should be involved.


Thanks, that does make sense.

I wasn’t sure if there was some delay caused by cloudflare caching the actual facebook comments feed at all.

But we’ll continue to look elsewhere for the issue.


Cloudflare only caches data going through their proxies and only data from your domain can go through their proxies. So assuming you do not actually serve the Facebook content through your site, neither your site nor Cloudflare should play any part here but it should be solely related to Facebook itself.