Facebook Ads Pixel issue not recognized with Hyppedit Smart Link

Hello Community,

I am a musician. I bought a domain for the sole purpose of running Facebook ads for my new song. With Facebook’s new rules, in order to use a Hypeddit Smart link where people can click to go to my Spotify or Apple music, it needs to be hosted/connected to my own domain. I used domain.com to buy a domain and their service “websitebuilder” to make a quick site so I could enter the pixel information from facebook into the header. Here is the link I need to connect:

I changed the nameservers and followed all of the steps to set up my ads. I copied the pixel code from Facebook into the header of my site to connect it. Every time I test different events (link visit, link click etc.) , it shows that the pixel is not being recognized and I get these errors:

URL: Nothing To Think About by Dylan Emmet

Parameters: (3)

  • content_ids:

  • content_type:


  • product_catalog_id:

Action Source: website

Advanced Matching Parameters: IP Address, User Agent

Active Issues:
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How can I get my website and cloud flare to direct the traffic correctly so that I can run my ads? I am DESPERATE for an answer.

Thank you all so much for your help.

Can you try use Grey Cloud in your DNS for the subdomain where requires pixel to work? This is to bypass Cloudflare proxy, let’s see if you still encounter the same issue? If not after bypassing Cloudflare, then I think it might be the site’s infrastructure.

I check in your source code of the page, I did see javascript snipes contained facebook pixel id, they are directly injected to your page, and your page set with caching status as dynamic, so the issue wouldn’t be caused by caching.

If the issue persisted, can you paste 2 screenshot of the expected working one and the other to demonstrate the issue you are seeing?

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Thanks for getting back to me and for your help Ella. The subdomain was already grey clouded. If it is the site infrastructure, should I switch to a different website builder like wordpress? I attached the screenshots as well. As you can see, I used the pixel helper extension to see if my events were being recognized and attached to my pixel. It is saying a completely different pixel number is being recognized.

If you are using Grey Cloud on the subdomain, then the traffic is bypassing Cloudflare, so I think it’s best to address this issue to Hypeddit.

I got a feeling that you should be adding your snipes in the html instead of as I can see tag in your . Anyway you can try and see if it helps.

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