EZProxy “This web property is not accessible via this address”

My ezproxy (my institutions library resource) server seems to be working correctly except for sites that are hosted or DNS served by Cloudflare. Client get the above message when clicking on resource links that are service via url rewrite thru ezproxy.
I’ve double checked and NTP is working correctly, everything on my end seems to be in order - and it works with other resources, just not ones that seem to be on Cloudflare. What I cannot find is any way to notify the destination resource that their services are seemingly being blocked by their own services.

This appears to have been discussed here.

Yes - it was mentioned as an issue, but that discussion didn’t appear to have any real resolution. That’s the frustrating part about this issue. There is very little that can be done to investigate - that’s why I’m reaching out in hopes someone else has found an actual solution.

Contact the site owner and their firewall activity log will tell you exactly why you got a challenge page.

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