Ezoic team can not access my site from UK, getting error 1020


Ezoic team can not access my site from UK, getting error 1020. Please help.

site:- https://www. theholidaystory .com/

screenshot :- image — ImgBB


Thank you for asking.

You should see why the request was blocked from their IPs by navigating to the Firewall tab → Overview at Cloudflare Dashboard for your domain name and looking for “Block” unter the events.

From the screenshot you’ve shared, you can check the exact one by using a “Filter” option and selecting the “Ray ID” and entering the Ray ID value from it:


It seems to me like you have some custom-made Firewall Rule which restricts countries or something else? :thinking:

Have you integrated Cloudflare through eZoic interface or?

Thanks, Fritex

You are Right. I have made the exclusion of that rey id.

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Maybe their IP ranges are blocked or country, which is why they cannot access your Website.

For that Ray ID, you should look up for “Service” and a Rule ID to figure out what/which blocked the access.


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