Ezoic is deleting my sub-domain settings in CloudFlare

I have tried Both DNS method CNAME and A Record several times but Cloudflare is automatically deleting it.

Note. I’m connected with ezoic too. I have used this method or integration previously without any problem.

Thanks in advance.

How is Cloudflare deleting those subdomains? Check your audit log and see who deletes it if you are adding them via the dashboard, I presume ezoic is doing that if the have the access to do so.

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Here what is happening but I don’t really understand what is it any why it is happening.

Please Help

That is exactly what I was explaining above… someone has access to you account. I presume it’s ezoic. Change your password and reset your API key.


Thank you for your prompt answer, If i change password and reset API would it affect my ezoic account (adv. earning)? However, I am communicating with ezoic for a reply and for a solution. want to know there solution if that does not work I am gonna follow your instruction.

Thank you so much.

I have absolutely no clue about Ezoic, never even heard of them before today. Talk with them, that audit log entry seems to point to the API key being used.

The question here is: why do they need access to the API key from Cloudflare?

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:wave: @rayhanulislam029,

Sounds like the title for this thread could have been Ezoic is deleting my sub-domain. Since it’s not a Cloudflare problem, I would recommend you contact the vendor/application you have authorized to make those changes to discuss the behavior.


I would but before that I need to hear what Ezoic has to say. I already asked for their support and gave this discussion link. Thank you.

Ezoic has communicated with me.

They said, “Since you are now integrated with Ezoic, we become your master DNS so all changes have to be made with us.” and told me to change the same via their DNS (Settings). Here is how Ezoic>Settings> DNS SETTINGS > Add DNS Record.

I just did it. I think its working fine now.

Note: there is a Cloudflare Proxy on/off option too and when I turned it on the same settings appears in Cloudflare DNS too.

Thank you, everyone.

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