Ezoic integration error : Variant Also Negotiates

  • name servers of my ‘domain registrar’ point to ezoic
  • my ezoic name servers should point to cloudflare
  • I chat with their AI support it responded with this :

The occurrence of ‘Variant Also Negotiates’ errors is often associated with misconfigured Ezoic DNS settings that mistakenly point to Ezoic IPs instead of your origin server IPs, or due to your host inadvertently including Ezoic IPs in your origin server DNS. To resolve this issue, it’s essential to access your host’s DNS records to identify the accurate IP address for your website. Ensure that this correct IP is accurately entered in your Ezoic DNS settings: https:// pubdash.ezoic.com/settings/dns/dnsrecords. Additionally, engage with your host to verify the accuracy of IPs on your origin server. It may be necessary to explain to your host that you are using the Ezoic technology platform as a proxy server and pointing your name server addresses to Ezoic, however Ezoic is not your host. Ezoic simply makes a copy of the origin server IPs in our system.

this error is frustrating ,can you please suggest a solution ?

Were you able to resolve this?

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