Ezoic-integrated CF vs Free (personal) CF

My personal site (20+ years old) is currently using Ezoic and their Ezoic-integrated CF

The site took a large hit during recent Google update, so I am making design and content changes.

When using Brave browser and logged into my WordPress site, I can see the changes.

However, the same changes are not showing if I use another (not logged in) browser.

After multiple purges within Ezoic-CF, and getting no support from Ezoic, I pointed DNS to my free CF account and performed a purge.

It has been more than 24 hours. Although the CF tool says NS propagation has been completed, but I still see the old design and content.

Can anyone help me?

, and using diff browsers, the site was still displaying old content and design

  • Ezoic support is not helpful
  • So

Can you show the response headers from a request where you see the old content?

I could not interpret Chrome dev tool, so I used the CURL.

You can see the output here: https://tinyurl.com/4u5vhmbu

I am not really techie but I see a lot of Set-Cookie fields with ezoic names?

Thanks for your help

You can see Cf-Cache-Status: Dynamic, which means that Cloudflare does not cache your site.

You can also see X-Ezoic-CDN: Hit, which means that Ezoic caches your sites. You’ll have to look into your Ezoic configuration to fix that.

Oops, sorry. I typed this quite a while ago and apparently forgot to send it.

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Thanks for the reply. what you say makes sense, but I have a follow up question.

If I removed the Ezoic plugin from my website, pointed my domain to my cloudflare account, how can Ezoic still control the content?

I also contacted my hosting provide and he supposedly cleared my server cache but the old site is still showing?

I am puzzled.

PS - still no response from Ezoic

Maybe the DNS records you created in Cloudflare point to Ezoic? Hard to say without beeing able to see your entries.