Ezoic DNS Error


I will be using Ezoic as an ad partner to manage my ads. There is a feature for Ezoic to instantly integrate with Cloudflare. However, when I tried to do it, I get this error message.

Issue with DNS Records. The following CNAME records have other resource records with the same hostname: www. A CNAME record cannot share a hostname with other records.”

I do have a few subdomains so what I did was to create two DNS. Apparently, it was the only way for my subdomains to work. My main domain is www.cos.sg and I have a subdomain at www.10shelford.cos.sg. So in my DNS panel, I added these two DNS

Type A. Name: 10shelford
Type A. Name: www.10shelford

What should I do next to fix this problem with Ezoic? Thanks!

The record obviously already exists. Rather than trying to recreate it you may just want to edit the existing one. Or delete the existing one first and then add a new one.
An A or CNAME record exists for www and you cannot have both an A record and CNAME record for the same value www at the time.

This error could result as you are trying to add the same record just different type as already having one:
CNAME yourdomain

And wanting to add an A type record
A yourdomain

Could you try in the eZoic interface, remove the CNAME record and then add the needed A record(s) to have:

A www with content value of your IP hosting and :orange: (I think?)
A 10shelford with content value of your IP hosting and :orange: (I think?)

I would also recommend to contact eZoic Support regarding if there would be some future issues while you are using their interface as an integrated partner.

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