Ezoic can't login cloudflare

Hi Guys,
Can you help me to check this error when I try to login from ezoic?
can’t run/import dns: error on Ajax : can’t insert notification for domain 229942: PublisherNotification already loaded
[github.com/ezoic/dnsupdate.(*CloudflareDNSUpdater).getDomainDNS:765] problem applying modifications to domain dns records: [github.com/ezoic/dnsupdate.(*CloudflareDNSUpdater).applyModificationsToDomainDNS:796] found cname conflict in hostname cdn


Sounds like their tool can login but there is a conflict for some record. You’d need to speak with them about their tool and what it’s supposed to be doing for you / why it isn’t working in this instance / if there is an actual issue.

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