Extremely slow when proxied

Recently there’s been a noticeable speed decrease for domains that are proxied. I compared a Roundcube installation using Pingdom’s Website Speed Test tool, and the results are incredible.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet (because I can’t attach 2 images)

A 38 second difference in page load time. This is a similar issue for other sites that share the same IP.

Is this consistent - as in does it happen at all times of the day or just started happening? If you repeat the tests at some other time do you get the same results?

Do you know where Pingdom’s requests are coming from and if the node they are hitting may be impacted by some event ( Cloudflare Status)?

The requests are coming from Washington DC.
It’s fairly consistent and happens pretty regularly. Sometimes it improves slightly, but the difference is extremely obvious still. If I repeat the tests, the times fluctuate but it’s almost always much slower when proxied.

I just ran another test- on a different site and in a different location. Take a look:

Edit: Compared to without Cloudflare:


Could you please run some test with WebPageTest and share with us the results?


Proxied: WebPageTest Test Result - Virginia USA - E...ting.xyz/roundcube - 07/01/21 17:43:16
Not proxied: WebPageTest Test Result - Virginia USA - E...ting.xyz/roundcube - 07/01/21 17:44:14

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