Extremely slow speeds to Cloudflare's network (Magyar Telekom)

The pingplotter graph speaks for itself, this is Magyar Telekom, a daughter company of Deutsche Telekom and the biggest ISP in Hungary. Every evening from 7pm to midnight websites/services hosted on Cloudflare’s network slow down or become unresponsive, including Cloudflare’s dashboard. Dns requests to take seconds to complete or simply fail, Discord fails to deliver messages, etc - the list goes on forever thanks to Cloudflare’s huge userbase on the web.

Apparently the problem is with Deutsche Telekom’s network link at the Vienna datacenter. Can Cloudflare contact someone at Magyar Telekom or DT to do something about this problem that’s been going on for a while now?


This is a recurring issue. Unbelievable how one of the largest Hungarian telco and one of the largest CDN providers can’t agree on peering.

We are using Cloudflare ZeroTrust from an Enterprise and because of this, the ZeroTrust connection is unreliable.

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We’ve reported this issue to a server hosting partner located in Dataplex. The issue should be resolved by now.

Some of my friends already reported to me that the issue has been resolved.

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Great news! Lets hope it stays like this. They really should have monitoring in place to detect and mitigate these problems on their own and not wait for us to report it.

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