Extremely slow site - even PageSpeed Insights crashes

I’m having some real speed issues and can’t figure out the source of the problem.

Can anyone help understand why https://www.ardenkenilworth.co.uk/ is loading so slowly? I’ve only recently moved to Cloudflare and I’m worried this is the issue.

Loads reasonably fast for me. About two seconds.

Do you always experience that issue or only intermittently?

The speedy loading seems to be because of Cloudflare’s cache.

Accessing your site directly takes about seven seconds. Still an acceptable figure, but noticeable slower, but thats something you need to fix on your server or your Wordpress setup. Most likely the latter.

Also, your server serves your site on HTTPS, but without a valid certificate, hence you cant use “Full strict” but only the less secure “Full”. You might want to address that issue too.

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You could also have a look at some of the tips at:


I generally find them reasonably helpful with WordPress sites.

Now, on a second attempt, it took 20 seconds as well.

The usual Wordpress issue, the main document takes ages.

@hughes658, keep in mind that screenshot is from a direct request to your server, without Cloudflare. That needs fixing on your server.

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Thanks @sandro - quick tip on changing to “full strict”? is that a paid for option with Cloudflare or merely settings that I have missed?

@domjh That’s a really helpful website - it looks like the waiting time is the main issue, albeit not too sure where to start with that but at least I know it’s my server and not Cloudflare.
There does seem to be an unusually high amount of 1x1 pixel images, would you think these are legitimate?

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Not paid, but you need to have a proper SSL configuration on your server and some hosts charge you an arm and a leg for that :roll_eyes:.

Anyhow, that would not really fix your current problem, but the SSL bit is something you should also address, otherwise your site is only semi-secure on “Full”.

As for your issue, you need to contact your host. Either the server is overloaded - which is their responsibility - or your Wordpress setup is somehow messed up - which would be your responsibility to fix, depending on what agreement you have with your host of course.

@sandro Thanks I’ve contacted my hosting provider for some further insight - I think it’s going to be related https as I’ve recently moved over and these problems are now occurring.

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