Extremely slow DNS lookups using Zero Trust WARP

For the last couple days I have been seeing very slow DNS resolution performance when connected via WARP through our Zero Trust account.

I have reproduced this on two Windows devices, one Windows 10 and the other Windows 11, however mobile devices do not seem to be affected.

The DNS logs in the WARP client show lookups taking 20,000ms (yes, that is 20 seconds).

Once DNS lookups succeed actual performance seems fine as I can run a speed test and my connection is the same as always (approx 50Mbps).

Here are my DNS logs:

And the graphs:

However latency to the Cloudflare edge seems fine:

I am located in Perth, Western Australia, however according to the Cloudflare status page the PER location is currently re-reouted so I’m connected to ADL at the moment, so not sure if there is some problem there…but this doesn’t really explain why I am not seeing any issue with mobile devices using WARP.

Looking into this further, the problem seems to be associated with Windows devices on my local wireless network, as the same device connected to a 4G hot spot shows no issues…however a mobile device connected to the very same wireless SSID using the very same internet connection has perfectly normal DNS resolution times in the WARP client logs.

So in the end I think this is not actually a Cloudflare issue but some unusual interaction with device/network/WARP.

Actually this issue isn’t closed, I’m getting really terrible performance on all computers, MAC, PC with the Warp DNS. Traceroutes hang at Cloudflare. Don’t know what’s up but it’s concerning.

Sometimes flipping off zero trust to works …for awhile, then back to terrible performance

I have the same issue.

same issue, super slow and unreliable dns with zero trust gateway