Extremely long "Wait" times with cloudflare

Hi, I installed cloudflare 2 months ago and noticed my site was responding faster. The past couple of weeks I noticed that it has gotten a bit slower and when I ran a speed report I found that I had extremely long “wait” times while I had cloudflare active (Image ).

I looked up several help forums on how to fix and couldn’t find a solid solution, only talk about server issues. So I went ahead and deactivated it and noticed significantly reduced wait times (image). From 20+ seconds to 2.5 seconds.

Has anybody experienced this before? Looks like I’ll have to keep in disabled.

Right now it is impossible to say anything as the domain has been completely removed from Cloudflare.

Such delays are always server related, I am afraid. The most likely reason would be that your server is severely rate limiting Cloudflare’s connections and hence responds to Cloudflare only with such delays.

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