Extremely high packet loss only with WARP on

For months I’ve used WARP on my phone and laptop. It was always on, but since January 13th 2023 I’ve noticed super high packet loss when using WARP. I took the following two screenshots on that day:

As you can see from the tests at speed.cloudflare.com, the packet loss is extreme. This has almost always been the case with WARP ever since. Weirdly, it mainly affects my upload speed. Normally I get around 150 to 200 Mbps download, 20 to 35 Mbps upload speed and 0% packet loss. The instant I turn on WARP I’m seeing around ~100 Mbps download, 0.3 to 1 Mbps upload and 50% to 95% packet loss.

I am confident that it’s definitely WARP. Turning it off fixes everything instantly. It’s unusable for me because it takes multiple seconds for sites to load. I rarely use WARP anymore because of this, which is completely opposite of what I used to do. I’ve also mentioned this a few times in the Discord server of Cloudflare and some people were also having issues but not everyone, it seems local.

Here are some technical details to hopefully fix this issue. I’m using warp-cli 2023.1.133 on Ubuntu (but I also get the issue when on Windows or on my phone) and I’m always connecting to colo AMS. I would be happy to provide any more details if they are needed. I really want this to be fixed.