EXTREMELY bad experience with Cloudflare support. How to escalate to higher levels?


I had worst Cloudflare experience ever - in my 6 or something years this is terrible. I created a zone which specified different name servers than actually configured ones - GUI says “amy.ns” and “nile.ns” while these names actually reference servers “aria.ns” and “west.ns”.

First response was extremely quick, but unuseful dns template. All the rest of responses were the same - totally unrelated links… Finally I got “you are not the account owner and for privacy reason blablabla…” and status closed. I used my DELEGATED account to submit a support ticket. Support guy did not have the time or the knowledge or both to do something? So now I need to escalate this higher, because “delete and recreate” scenario did not help.

Should this go all the way up to Cloudflare CEO? I am ashamed that I recommended Cloudflare and its support to my customer and in return I got this…

Case is 1568790

Thank you.


… your customer munged the signup process.

Your customer signed the same domain up twice under different accounts. Neither of which you opened a ticket from. You should have them fix that by deleting the zone from the wrong account. Once they have done so, they can contact support from the correct account, explain what happened and ask Cloudflare to to rebuild the DNS file for the pending zone which should have been used.

Once your customer fixes their mistake you can try adding it again.


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