Extreme performance issue in the last 72 hours

I have been using Cloudflare for some time now and use it for quite a number of websites. I use the SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare and have had great results for several years.

In the last 72 hours - three of my main websites have been affected by a severe performance degradation.

I am a website developer and my two company sites and my own personal site have been massively affected, with load times reaching over 1 minute according to pingdom.

On the one website for which I have a legacy SSL certificate, I have paused Cloudflare - and it fixes my issue - my site loads great , back to a 1.4 second load time which I am quite happy with - tr8media.com

My other 2 sites however use the SSL provided by Cloudflare and therefore I can not pause Cloudflare as they are setup as https.

I have not changed anything recently on the websites, other than updating plugins a while back. They are Wordpress websites, with Wordfence and WPRocket installed using the Cloudflare option - like I said they were working great up until about 72 hours ago.

I have disbaled WProcket and Wordfence on both sites but it makes no difference - they are still terribly slow and now I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do!!

Can anyone out there offer any suggestions or a staff member perhaps take a look at my account to see what is going on?

The two sites in question

Thanks in advance for any help offered - I need to resolve this ASAP - a web developer with websites that doesn’t load does not go down well!

webpagetest report https://www.webpagetest.org/result/181130_NY_f74d1132ee88ae2792ca4c3440f9f35b/3/details/#waterfall_view_step1 suggests it your page design and requests being the problem at 14+ megabytes in size with 185 requests it will be slow !!! There’s even a 9MB mp4 video file !!!

You really need to redesign and optimise your web site for page load and visual render performance i.e. optimise the critical render path for your pages.

speedindex at 45+ seconds and visual completion at 61 seconds is very slow due to size of page and how the design is laid out


Googe Lighthouse report https://www.webpagetest.org/lighthouse.php?test=181130_NY_f74d1132ee88ae2792ca4c3440f9f35b&run=3 very bad performance for time to interactive and speedindex and first contentful paint and first meaningful paint.


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