Extreme performance drop performance, from 1.2 seconds to 7.4 seconds

After running a speed test on my 2 websites I can see a performance drop in one month time.

Speed test would tell me that visitors could see content in after 1.2 seconds, now 7.4 seconds.

No changes were made to my websites.

I went to check my wordpress, and it is all up to date.

May I know what can should I do?

Thanks in advance.

I have the Pro plan for both websites, with the following optimisation setting enabled:

  • Polish (lossy), WebP ticked on

  • Auto Minify
    ticked on JavaScript, CSS, HTMK

  • Brotli

  • Early hints

  • APO for wordrpess (not cache by device type)

  • Enhanced http/2 prioritization

and what is it without Cloudflare enabled?

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