Extreme increase in requests


Hey guys,

Since a few days the Total Requests are going through the roof and crashing my server / making it unusable slow.

Now I want to track down the top 10 IP list where those requests are coming from. But don’t see an option for that in CloudFlare (Current free member). Is there any way to track down the top 10 requests?



Considering these requests hit your server you should have access to that information from your server logs, shouldnt you?



ehh, yea… But that is showing IP from cloudflare only



That means you are not rewriting IP addresses. I’d strongly advise to configure mod_remoteip (assuming you are using Apache).

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While you investigate where the requests are coming from, you may take some mitigating steps, including increasing the Firewall > Security Level to “I’m under attack”, which will force every request to be “JS challenged” by Cloudflare before they are let in.

Alternatively, you can create a Firewall Rule (free) or an Access Policy (also free), or enable Firewall > Rate Limiting (paid) to restrict, block or throttle the access to certain areas of your site while you investigate the origin of the requests.

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Still don’t get it, what’s the point of using cloudflare if they don’t detect those extremely amount of request? is this not why we are using something like CloudFlare for?



I totally understand your concern, but Cloudflare is just a tool, it’s up to you to configure it to your needs.

Say you ran your first TV advertising campaign and this spike in traffic was expected. Would you want your new visitors to be challenged by Cloudflare?

Even a spike in visits by bots may be something a website owner may have provoked somehow. That’s why it’s hard to apply a general rule to every website.

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I partly agree with you here. But if you suddenly get a 400% increase in hits that is all coming from 1 IP address, that should ring a bell. And at least make / send a notification about that, if not block that IP first.



:chart_with_upwards_trend: What are the levels Data Served, Percent Cached?



That went up from average 2gb / 3gb to 5gb a day


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