Extra Payment and Subscription Problem


Hi, there I have a problem with my account. At 10 nov, I tried to upgrade my account with 2 different cards.
Even if I try 5 times my account has not been upgraded to a premium account.
Yet I have charged for five times.

I reached out customer support team but for 21 days they don’t offer any solution.
How can I get my money back?
I added a screenshot of credit card payments.

My First Message To Customer Support Team
My First Message


Maybe one of the mods can help push this along. Be sure to post your ticket #. Otherwise, this is generally a customer to customer forum and there’s not much we can do since we don’t work for Cloudflare.


Sorry about the frustrating experience. After seeing your tweet earlier I circled up with some folks. The issue stems from an unusual bug that involves how two systems exchange certain info and they are actively working on it. I will continue to keep an eye on the situation and make sure that you get updates on your open support ticket.


Thank you Ryan for your kind attention.

I am still waiting. There isn’t any progress


I need to circle up with the agent from Billing to confirm that everything is taken care of, but I can tell you that the technical issue that was being investigated has been resolved. The systems should be able to communicate normally which means that the billing corrections can finally happen. Look for an update on your ticket with more detail.