Extra Domain Transfers


I have 2 domain on Cloudflare but 3 more which are just redirects to those 2. I have the option to transfer those 2 domains but not the redirect ones.

Is it possible to transfer all domains to cloudflare?


Which TLDs do these three domains belong to?


A mix of .ca (2) and .com (2) (Total of 2 + 4)


You said three, thats four.

Anyhow, .ca cant be transferred yet. .com can.


Yes 4. (1 was hidden in the list when I checked and had forgotten about that)

How do I add those other 2 .com to the list? When I hit transfer, it automatically adds my 2 domains in Cloud Flare but no option to add other 2


Are they already on Cloudflare? Can you post these two .coms?


The other 2 are just redirect domains and not on cloudflare. Should those be on cloudflare first?

I just redirect anyone using those to my other 2 sites.


Every domain you want to transfer to Cloudflare first has to be configured for and on Cloudflare.

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Thanks! That confirms my suspicion.

I guess I’ll have to wait as those other domains are just redirects to main domain and can’t be configured on Cloudflare (or can they?)


They can. You will have to change the nameservers to Cloudflare but then you can simply configure a page rule for each domain to redirect to your main domain.

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Awesome! Thank you!

I’ll work this weekend to set it all up. Hopefully I can soon move .ca domains too.