Extra DNS records are showing up when I connect my domain to squarespace

I changed the DNS records to point to my squarespace site. Three are three extra records showing on squarespace that don’t show up in Cloudflare.

Squarespace says it’s a Cloudflare problem. Please help. Here’s the three records I need deleted but I don’t see them in Cloudflare

To improve availability, it’s normal to have two IPv4 and two IPv6 IP’s.

Squarespace are saying they have to be deleted for it to work, these three don’t show up in Cloudflare so I’m confused. They need it to match

Probably doesn’t support IPv6 - You should turn it off via an API call. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200168746-How-do-I-turn-the-Cloudflare-IPv6-gateway-on-or-off- | https://blog.Cloudflare.com/always-on-ipv6/

See below. Squarespace CNAMEs should be grey cloud.

That’s helpful, however I don’t understand their directions in turning it off.

Just to double check your settings, have you added the top CNAME record in Squarespace to Cloudflare DNS and is it grayed out?

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yes, I see it there, it’s not grayed out though, it’s clickable just like the rest

In the Cloudflare DNS dashboard, I’d turn off DNS HTTP proxy (the orange cloud) for the enexxxxxxxxxx CNAME that points to verify.squarespace.com because isaactolpin.com seems 's connecting just fine and it’s just waiting for verification.

when you say turn it off, do you mean delete it?

No do not delete the en… CNAME in Cloudflare, Just click on the orange cloud once and it should turn gray (DNS Only).

There you go. I can see it now.

Wow, that one thing, and boom, site works all of a sudden, Thanks so much.


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