Extra ACME TXT records preventing renewal

Having the same issue here. @ccahoon I’ve submit a ticket to add to the escalation - 2562166.

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Appears my issue was related to using two different domain / zone ids in a single configuration on the pfsense config. I split the two domains out and now they are renewing fine independently.

This worked previously as one configuration.


Same issue over here.
I created a ticket: 2565606

@fritex and/or @ccahoon can you please escalate?

Thank you.

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Kindly, thank you for sharing.

I’ve escalated your tickets.

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I will wait patiently.

Due to this, my website went offline. This problem had never happened to me before, and it was the first time.

In the meanwhile, I have set the encryption mode FLEXIBLE. So the website is up and running.

Once Let’s Encrypt is issued on the origin server, I will enable encryption mode FULL.

Does this mean we have to disable Universal SSL to ensure that the origin server can request a Let’s Encrypt certificate? Or was this a one-time issue at Cloudflare’s end and we keep Universal SSL enabled?