Extra A records on account creation / DNS import

I’m trying to migrate a domain from one Cloudflare account to a new one. I have access to both accounts, transferring so I can give the client access to just this domain (and not everything in my account).

I’m on the step where it has scanned the existing DNS records and is presenting them for review. There are a bunch of extra A records here that I never entered, and don’t exist within the current DNS settings:

This first A record with the * and is my web server and is expected. The other 6 I’ve never seen and don’t exist in the current DNS settings. There are 6 AAAA records as well, which I’m assuming are related to those A records.

I’m guessing these are Cloudflare IPs and were added automatically to help facilitate the various Cloudflare features? It’s confusing because:

  1. there is no explanation for them. If these really were automatically added by Cloudflare I’d expect some indication of that and explanation.
  2. I can’t find any mention of this by searching.
  3. these don’t exist on my current DNS records, so if they are doing something important what I am missing on my other domains that don’t have these?



I’m surprised those got imported. I’d drop all those DNS records and do an Export/Import to copy them over.

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Oh, I think I see what happened…

I did have other A records in the current account besides the * one and they were set to be proxied by Cloudflare (but * wasn’t, for some reason). So I guess the importer picked up the things those other 2 A record entries were proxying to? Very odd that it’d do that, especially since it’s coming from a Cloudflare account.

In any case, I took your suggestion of deleting those and doing a manual Export/Import and that seems to have worked as expected.



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