Externally managed CNAME record cannot be removed

An externally managed CNAME record cannot be removed for one of our domains, which is also stopping us from being able to turn on the proxy status of the main A records.

I cannot clearly see why this is the case and I noticed that the system suggests we contact the provider, however, I’m unsure who this is, if it’s the registrar (GoDaddy) I’m unsure how they can support given that the name servers are assigned to CloudFlare?

Thanks for your help in advance.

What’s the domain? And which record?

cybermagazine.com, it’s a CNAME record with the below name;


And that record does not show up anywhere in your Cloudflare account?

Which nameservers are listed on your Cloudflare account?

IMHO this record will have been used for the verification of your server certificate.


Now, the question would be why it wouldn’t show up in your records and why it should prevent you from proxying your records.

So I’d verify that you are actually configuring the right Cloudflare account, plus whether that record really isn’t listed and I’d also double check how you are getting your server certificate issued. That might (temporarily) create that record but you should be able to remove it.

You appear to have managed to remove it.

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