Externally Hosted Domain 301 Redirect to Cloudflare Domain

I would like to redirect a domain hosted elsewhere to a domain on CloudFlare as a 301 redirect.

Do I have to make amendments to the DNS on here to allow it to work (add @ and www records)? It’s been done on the other domain host but when I type in the external domain I get a 1001 error.

Apologies if the answer is the same as others on here, but I haven’t seen the question being posed the same way as with the problem I have.

Any help would be appreciated.

If that domain is not on Cloudflare, you need to configure that on the server.

Otherwise you can certainly add the domain to Cloudflare as well and the follow this tutorial.

Thanks for your response. I have checked again today, and it is working now. That took the full 48 hours to start working. Now I know why they add that disclaimer.

Cloudflare configurations usually take immediate effect, maybe a couple of minutes. What can take more time is DNS propagation but I am not sure if this was relevant here at all. Anyhow, glad it works.

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