Externaldns - dynamic cf dns update


after moving my domains from DigitalOcean to Cloudflare I’m facing issues with externaldns. for those who don’t know the tool it’s a Kubernetes deployment looking on ingress & service availability and updates dns records automatically based on a config.

I already filed a request in the issue group on GitHub Cloudflare A Updates both (private and public ip) · Issue #2584 · kubernetes-sigs/external-dns · GitHub but the responsiveness in the group seems to be not that good, so I try to utilize the forum here as well.


  • the services have multiple ip addresses, one internal (private ip) and one external (public ip).
  • external dns syncs both records to my zone → the behavior should be different based on external dns documentation (if there are more ip’s only the public ones should be used)

anybody here with same problem?

thx martin

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