External SSL on Cloudflare


Hi there.

I was trying to figure out how can i use cloudflare as a CDN while using an external SSL cert that is installed on my hosting server. I looked at the FAQ here https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170546-I-already-have-SSL-on-my-site-What-are-my-options- and from my understanding i will need to purchase paid plan with cloudflare in order to use my external SSL cert.

Is there a way to configure such that i run my website on cloudflare as a CDN while having my own SSL on my hosting server shown to users?



Just as the article says, you need a Business or Enterprise plan to do this.

Why do you need your own SSL certificate to show for users?


Yes, if you use a separate namespace for static content such as img.yourdomain.com/example.jpg and only orange cloud that and not the www record for example. But then for the www record you don’t get any security or performance benefits form Cloudflare.