External service cannot connect to Magento API

Hi Friends,
I am new with Cloudflare CDN and I need help.
After activating CloudFare CDN something happens, external service cannot connect with Magento 2 REST API. Also, if Magento maintenance is enabled, any whitelist IP cannot see the site, only 503 page.
A firewall rule has been created for my IP but I cannot see the site, only the 503 page. I can see my IP address if I add a code to check the visitor’s IP.
Thank you

Check firewall events.

You configured IP whitelisting at your server side, right? Once you use Cloudflare, your server will see incoming traffic from Cloudflare IP address, not the real visitor IP address. Perhaps you need a way to check for HTTP request headers - cf-connecting-ip to see the real IP address.

Thank you
I was managed to set this as you suggested.
Firewall rules are set and Nginx configuration has been changed - IP range has been added to the Nginx configuration with Magneto IP whitelist. Magento is working now i i can connect to site with enabled maintenance.
Thank you again

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