External IP with Port # added to cloudflare

Hello, I’m testing everything out before I purchase any services for production mode to the public.

I got a domain name: www.bampire.ml
I went to the domain register and added two of the cloudflare’s name servers to the register of the domain.
Cloudflare accepted the domain name.

I have a home web server, the web server can listen to any port I set it to.

I can access my webserver anywhere in the world if I type in the external IP of my web server with the port number. Example:

How can I add my web server external IP with port 443 to cloudflare?
So when I go to www.bampire.ml, cloudflare will direct it to my webserver with its port?


You simply configure your DNS records on Cloudflare, to point the desired hostnames to the IP address in question.

Thank you for the fast reply, but how exactly?

I tired using “A” record by adding www. IPaddress:port 443

and cloud flare did not allow it.

That is a DNS record, where you cannot add any port numbers. Please read about DNS first, as that is not exactly a Cloudflare specific question.

You just add the DNS record and thats it. Remove the port.

Also, you dont have a valid HTTPS certificate on that machine. You’ll need to configure one before you can use SSL safely. Search for Cloudflare Origin certificates for more details.

I can have the SSL setup, but I’m trying to figure out when using just the IP address of the hostserver it’s not able to direct it to my webserver without the port.

Cloudflare says by default they allow ports 80 and 443 but any other ports I would have to purchase a premium service (which I don’t mind). But I would like to see if I can get port 80 abd 443 or 8080 working with cloudflare with my external IP.

The three ports you mentioned are all supported by Cloudflare. Anyhow, that still is nothing DNS related. You simply add the record as mentioned earlier and then can use any supported port or have the record non-proxied and use whatever port you want.