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I’m Michal. my client, a real estate rental website is considering using the Cloudflare Pro service and I need some information whether CF can provide the needed solution. Can someone please assist?

The brief: My client’s website features a couple hundred rental apartment listings and a total of roughly 4,000 images. The listing images are hosted externally on a 3rd party platform YGL yougotlistings[dot]com. The images that were uploaded there are not optimized. They’re JPG’s with a pretty bulky file size causing poor website performance. Unfortunately, YGL doesn’t have any optimization options for us, and after some testing we were disappointed to find out they don’t support WebP either. We could remove all the images, reduce their dimensions and file size, re-upload them as JPGs, but this manual solution would take quite a bit of time to implement and it’s not the ideal solution. We’re looking for an easier path.

The main question:
Does Cloudflare offer any option for us to leave the images on the YGL server and optimize them without having to move everything over to Cloudflare? If yes, how does it work? We’d like to reduce the dimensions of the images, change from JPG to WebP and ultimately reduce their file size and improve performance. What are our options?

2 potential solutions?
Correct me If I’m wrong, but I think there are 2 routes available: 1) Cloudflare Images and 2) Cloudflare Image Resizing. The 2nd option does mention (on the cloudflare website) the possibility of optimization of images regardless of where they are. How does this work?

As we’re in the process of improving the websites SEO, we’re quite sensitive to potential solutions that may get in the way of our efforts. Depending on the CF options available to us, do any of them negatively affect our seo efforts?

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Cloudflare Images: The images are hosted by Cloudflare.
Cloudflare Image Resizing: The images are hosted somewhere else. Cloudflare resizes, optimizes and caches the images.

From your description, it sounds like Cloudflare Image Resizing would be the right fit, especially as you want to keep the images at the current hosting provider. You can take a look at the documentation for Cloudflare Image Resizing here:

With Image Resizing, you would need to replace the image links on your website with https://your-cloudflare-zone.example/cdn-cgi/image/width=100/https://s3.example.com/bucket/image.png. In this example the width is changed to 100 pixels.


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